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Domain Name Redirection – Pointer Service

With our Pointer Service, we can “Point” a domain name to your free hosting space to give you a shorter, more professional sounding domain name. Instead of having “www.yourisp.com/~yourname” you could have the domain name you want “yourdomain.com”.

When traffic is directed to that domain name it is automatically redirected to your free space. We’ll even give you 3 email “aliases”.  That way email sent to will be forwarded to your current email address. Cost is $25 per year for the domain name and $75 per year for the “pointer” and email forwarding. Order service for 3 years at $250 and save $50.

It’s easy to order, just…

Click link to order a domain name, pointer, or Front Page Hosting.

Note: We do not allow pointers to adult sites nor do we allow the service to be used for “spam”.

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